Hey all, and welcome back after Thanksgiving break.  Did you all enjoy Turkey day?  I hope so, as I know I did…

If you avoided the crazy shopping and endless lines (which personally is the wise thing to do), then you’ll still have a wish-list to attend to.  Any movie watchers you know?  Well, lets see what we have this week.

The big one for the week, which I have been excited for (since I missed it in the theaters) is Wolverine.  Starring Hugh Jackman, I’m hoping this is better that that Origins crap.  Reviews were decent, and the 3D was suppose to be good, so at the very least, I’m gonna give this a try.


Disney is releasing a Diamond Edition of Little Mermaid.  Remastered and better looking than ever, if there are any Disney fans out there, this is a classic for the collection.

LIttle Mermaid

Some ridiculous looking movie called Mortal Instuments (probably based on some stupid book, just like that crap Twilight saga was) also comes out.  Why am I mentioning?  Because to each his own…  I can say the same for Smurfs 2, starring Neil Patrick Harris; though I have to admit, I think NPH is awesome, despite how this film may be.

Smurfs 2

Television brings us season 3 of Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters, along with season 16 of The Simpsons.

Simpsons 16

Hope something is one you list!  See you next week.