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After the exciting releases of last week, today we get pretty much nothing.  I guess it’s expected to have these lacking weeks, between some good stuff – but still…

Highlight of the week is The Master, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love), and starring  Philip Seymour Hoffman (Savages, Capote) and Joaquin Phoenix (Wall the Line, Gladiator).  This is actually a great highlight;  Actors and director are top notch in my book, and the movie was nominated for 3 Oscars.

the master

Second release is some surfer movie called Chasing Mavericks (starring Gerard Butler).  I haven’t seen this, nor do I have any interest to do so.  Also, it got pretty bad reviews… so it’s probably no good unless you either have a fascination with Butler or surfers; and even then, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Another release that might actually be interesting is Africa, a documentary from the producers of Life.  If you’ve seen that one, then you know the quality… The imagery on Life was amazing, and if you have a good HD television, then you’ll be in for a beautiful treat.


Other then that, all we have is the 3D release of Silent Hill: Revelation.  Considering the insult this movie is to the greatness of what the game was, I will not do it any credit of saying anything more about it.  If it’s your thing and you like it, well I’m sure the 3D makes it pretty good.  If you want a quality movie though, this probably isn’t it.

Until next week…