Hey everyone,

This week we have 3 big ones and a random one.  Here they are:

Disney’s Frozen comes out today, which not only was on the Oscar win list, but critics have rated it one of the better animated films to come out.  I did not expect that from the previous, but given the great reviews, this might be a great film to check out, that will go down as a classic.


American Hustle comes out today, with the amazing cast of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradnley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner.  I haven’t seen this yet, but between the cast, the great reviews and the Oscar wins, I’m gonna go ahead and add this to my collection – Can’t wait to check it out.

American Hustle

Another one on my to-do list, as I’m a fan of Disney, is a story of not only Walt Disney himself, but the production of one of Disney’s most important films, Mary Poppins.  I speak of Saving Mr. Banks, starring Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Paul Giamatti, Colin Farrell and Jason Schwartzman.

Saving Mr Banks

The random one this week comes as a Criterion Collection blu-ray, about the life, studies and discoveries of Stephen Hawking in  A Brief History of Time.  I’ve actually read the book, and found it amazing, so this blu-ray seems like another interesting watch.

Brief History of Time

That’s it for the week folks.  Until next week…