Hello all.  Ready for this weeks releases?

Lets start off with Best Picture Oscar winner, 12 Years A Slave.  Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, this film was smothered with amazing reviews, and to its defense, it won best picture for 2013.  So, if you haven’t seen in, you know you’ll be getting a quality film when you get this.

12 Years

The awesome Jennifer Lawrence comes to us in the second film in the Hunger Games saga, Catching Fire.  Much better than the first one (in my opinion), this film is a much own if you’re into the series.

Catching Fire

The american release of Oldboy comes out today, starring Josh Brolin.  Despite the original being such a great film, and Josh Brolin being a pretty top notch actor, this particular reboot did not get very good reviews.  I’m still planning on checking it out, but I might have to rent first, before I decide I want it as part of my collection.


Finally, we have another Doctor Who movie release with: The Time of the Doctor.

Doc Who

That’s it for this week.  See you next time, here t Don’t Forget A Towel.