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Hello Towelites,

Fortunately this week, though not many, we get some interesting releases.

First and foremost, Wreck-It Ralph.  I am super excited for this.  If you’ve read any of my “Generation Pong” posts, then you already know how much video games are a part of my life.  And this movie is all about that… video games.  Starring the voices of John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, this blurry is collection-approved!  Not to mention, it’s also released in 3D!

Wreck it Ralph

That’s pretty much it for “new, other then what seems to be some romantic comedy called Playing for Keeps.  Starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel, this one is not something up my alley, so I’m not very familiar with it.

Another bright release of the week though, is one of Steven Spielberg’s most amazing movies, Schindler’s List – 20th Anniversary Limited Addition.  If you haven’t seen this movie, or don’t own it, then now is the time to do so.  Because, personally, this is a movie everyone needs to see… and if you own it, you can have someone who hasn’t borrow it.  Starring Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, this one is a must have.

Schindler's List

Last on the release list is the full, 7 movie, blu-ray collection of… Nightmare on Elm Street.  The set was previously ONLY  a Best Buy exclusive, but is finally getting a wide release. Even though many of these are cheesy, some are real good (and the first one is a classic in my book).  To me, NoES also held something creepier and more interesting then it’s fellow horror movies, such as Halloween and Friday the 13th‘s.

Nightmare on Elm Street

On the game side of things, we have the new Tomb Raider.  I’m waiting for the reviews on this one, but let me tell you, this game looks amazing enough to turn anyone into a gamer!  I still remember playing the very first one, and how awesome it was.


Until next week…