Hey all, and welcome to this week’s releases on blu-ray and dvd.

Headline for the week is Anchorman 2, starring the original cast of Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Kaochner.  I thought the first film was hilarious, and since I missed this sequel in the theatres, I’m excited to be able to grab it now.

Anchorman 2

Next big one is 47 Ronin.  This film seems to contain a bunch of things I love, such as the Samurai ethos, swordfights, fantasy elements, and the battle between good and evil.  And I actually don’t mind Keanu Reaves at all.  Yet, despite all that, the film only got mediocre reviews, so I was hesitant to check this in the theatres.  Of course, getting the 3D version now might still not be worth it, but it’s more tempting.  Anyone see this one?  Suggestions?

47 Ronin

The rest of the releases are pretty random.  Some movie called Knights of Badassdom comes out today, and I have no clue what this even is.  Title and cover look pretty cheesy, and the reviews aren’t all that great either, but the only thing that this could have going for it is Peter Dinklage.  Of course, I’m pretty sure I would rather be watching his character on Game of Thrones (which starts this coming Sunday btw).

Knights of Badassdom

From back in 1963, we get a blu-ray release of King-Kong VS Godzilla.  Need we hear more for this awesomeness?

Kong v Zilla

Finally, Disney seems to be on a role with coming up with new adventures of Tinkerbell and fairies… next in line being The Pirate Fairy.  I love Disney, but this is probably not worth it unless you have little kids roaming around the house.

Pirate Fairy

That’s it for the week.  Till next time.