Hey all, and welcome to a week full of no special releases.

I guess the highlight of the week would be The Secret Life of Walter Mittystarring Ben Stiller.  I honestly wanted to see this and was hoping it wood be good, but reviews for it did not fair well; at least not critic wise.  Audience reviews tended to be a little better.  Maybe one day when its on cable.


Next in line is Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Heart.  I had not interest in this, and reviews seem to support this.


Where the reviews did excel was on Philomena, which was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.  Somehow though, this one slipped under my radar and didn’t even know existed.  Definitely on my to-do list, but with so many other Academy winners also up there, it might be a while before I get to seeing Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in this one.


Lastly we have some random anime film (at least to me) called Nut Job.  With the voice of Will Arnett it seems this squirrel movie may have been trying to work off the love that squirrel from Ice Age had… or maybe its just a random coincidence they made a movie about a squirrel trying to get some nuts.


Thats all folks!