What’s up Towelites?  Not movies, that’s what.  Not sure what the hell is going on in the world of releases, but 3 weeks in a row?  COME ON!  Well, we do have a couple this week, but I could care less for them.

First one would be Labor Day with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.  It received decent reviews, but whatever.  Doesn’t seem like anything special.

Labor Day

Next one is The Legend of Hercules with Kellan Lutz.  As a Greek, I hate it when they change classic mythological stories around… especially when they do such a horrible job that you get some of the worst reviews ever.  If you want to buy this film, it better be to see what it looks like while it’s burning in your fireplace.


Aaaaaaand, that’s it.  Will next week be better?  Who knows anymore… not I… not I…