How are ya Towelites? This is your favorite comic guru, CynicNerd, filling in for Mozeus this week, and what a week  for him to miss out on! Not much going on here release-wise.

First up we have a film that I was interested in seeing this past year, Hyde Park on the Hudson. Being a big Bill Murray fan and the fact that the story happens just up the ‘ol Hudson from me, I was always intrigued with FDR‘s influence on the area and also the story of the English Monarchy coming to the USA to discuss the War in Europe.

Hyde Park on the Hudson



Funny thing is I haven’t seen any of the movies being released this week so I can’t give you an honest opinion on any of them! Next up we have the Jet Li thriller The Sorcerer and the White Snake. Here’s the official synopsis:


Fantasy film based on an old Chinese legend about an herbalist who falls in love with a thousand-year-old White Snake disguised as a woman. Jet Li stars as a sorcerer who discovers her true identity and battles to save the man’s soul.


The classic David Cronenberg film the Naked Lunch starring Peter Weller and Ian Holm gets a Criterion Collection edition.


After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in an Islamic port town in Africa.


There are some cool reissues this week including ALL of the Fast and the Furious series, so if you don’t own those, which you should, go pick ’em up! But that’s about it for this week my friends. Check back next week because Django Unchained, remember the D is silent, is coming and I missed it in theaters, so you know that this flick is on its way to my door and I am more than excited!

Stay tooned 😛