Hello towelites, it’s good to have you back this week.  We have a couple releases, though whether good or bad will be personal opinion.

I think the biggest one would be The Monuments Men which brings along the great cast of Matt Damon, John Goodmam, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett and George Clooney.  The movie received mixed reviews, but with a cast like that, I still kinda want to check it out.

Monuments Men

Kit Harrington, the one and only Jon Snow from HBO’s Game of Thrones, stars in the recent Pompeii.  The trailer didn’t do much for me, and I guess you can’t expect much from one of his first feature films (or at least the reviews would say), but if you’re in the mood for this style movie, this should be at the very least entertaining.


3 Days To Kill also comes out, and I couldn’t be less excited.  This movie looked stupid when it came out in the theaters, but hey, if you think Kevin Costner can make this movie worth it, then here you go.

3 Days to Kill

And last we get Vampire Academy – though unfortunately, it won’t be the last of it’s kind.  Enough already with the vampire/werewolf/young-adult movies.  I stand by my opinion that the greatest vampire story (both movie and the book it’s based on) is Interview with Vampire.

Vampire Academy

That’s it for the week!