And the streak of nothingness continues, sans a couple interesting ones.

I guess many of you will be excited for the released of Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell.  I was never into the show, but obviously it had quite a following, because it was for them this film was made… and actually received decent reviews.  So now you get to own it as well.

Veronica Mars

A couple old things get released on blu-ray, such as season two for Little House on the Prairie, and one of my childhood favorites, Revenge of the Nerds, so that’s a plus for the week.

Revenge of the Nerds

And with the upcoming release of the new (and amazing looking) Godzilla film coming out, we’re getting the blu-releases of a bunch of the classics; these include Godzilla VS King Ghiborah, VS Mothra, VS Mechagodzilla, VS Spacegodzilla, VS Hedorah, and more.

Godzilla VS

Lets see what next week will bring.