Hello all,

This week we have a couple new releases, a couple new on Blu-ray, and a bunch of re-released old ones.

New one of the week is Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. Wasn’t that interested in going to the theatre to watch this, but now that its on disc, I might give it a try. At the very least, it looks like it could be entertaining.


The animated DC movie Superman: Unbound, gets released this week as well. Based on Geoff Johns’ mini series, this story follows Superman saving the day against Braniac.

superman unbound

In television we get season 5 of Fringe. As this is the last season, we also get the releases of Fringe: The complete Series.


We also get a 2 movie set of Shangai Noon and Shanghai Knight, starring Jacki Chan and Owen Wilson.

Some classics get released on Blu-Ray today, and those include An Officer and a Gentlmam (starring Richard Gere and Taylor Hackford) and The Great Escape (starring Steve McQueen and Charle Bronson).


Finally, we get a large number of older films, (some more then others) being re-released on blu-ray in new “Steelbook” editions. The include Watchmen (awesome!), Braveheart (awesome again), Chinatown (classic), V for Vendetta (another awesome), Heat, Batman, Batman Returns and more… I guess this Steelbook fad is trying to be the next new thing.


Find anything you’ve been waiting for???

See you next week..