Hello Towelites,

This week we have a big one, some random, and a bunch of tv.

Big one is 300: Rise of an Empire with Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green.  I was a huge fan of the first one (considering my spartan heritage and all) and I’m excited to see this one, as I didn’t catch it in the theaters.  Excited, but nervous… reviews were not that good; pretty bad in fact.  Of course, I didn’t expect much to begin with (defiantly not expecting the quality of the first), so… maybe its worth a try.


Next we have Collin Farrell in A Winter’s Tale.  Some kind of romance with mediocre reviews, so… if thats what you’re looking for, might be worth it.

Winters Tale

Critirion Collection releases A Hard Day’s Night, bringing us the Beatles in all their glory!

Hard Days Night

Television bring us season 6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 5 of Duck Dynasty, the first season of some show called Witches of East EndDragon Ball Z season 5, and season 4 of the awesome Boondocks!

Boondocks 4

Till next week!