Hey everyone,

We have a bunch of things this week… some good, some bad, and some with a little of each.

Lone Survivor, with Mark Wahlberg and Emily Hirsch, had great reviews and should be worth looking into.

Lone Survivor

What didn’t have great reviews was the remake of Robocop, starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton.  With the latter two, you would think this would have been worthwhile, but I guess one can’t be surprised that a remake of what is now an amazing classic, failed to entertain.  Then again, despite how bad it might be, when you have robots and shoot-outs, entertaining (to an extent) might be its only value… just don’t think the dvd/blu-ray is worth it.  Waiting for the cable version for this one.  And even then, I might just watch the classic over again instead.


With the news of Noah in the theatres at the time, it seems like no one noticed another biblical one, Son of God.  StarringGary Oliver, this story is truer to the biblical one (compared to Noah’s adaptation), so if you’re religious… check it out.  If not, get yourself Noah instead.  Or even Passion of the Christ which portrays Jesus in a more human/less supernatural way.

Son of God

Some film called In the Blood comes out as well, starring Gina Carano.  This film looks like a B-movie is I ever saw one (and the mediocre reviews agree), but if it’s your sort of thing, than have fun with it.

In the Blood

An anime series which looks great (though I have been unable to see it yet), is Attack on the Titan, and this week we get Part 1.  Reviews on this are great, so if you love anime, then you should already know about this one.  And if you don’t already know, then this might be your next big thing!

Attack on Titan 1

We get a classic release on blu-ray, with the name of The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, and Nathan Lane. 


Tons of TV shows are coming out this week; season 3 of The Killing, season 1 of Graceland, season 4 of The Glades, season 4 of Workaholics, and with the final season starting up in a few week, we also get season 6 of True Blood.

True Blood 6

The highlight of the week though, at least for me, is Breaking Bad: The Complete Series.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this one (as I wasn’t much interested in the novelty Barrel gift set), so I’m excited to finally see it come out!!!.

Breaking Bad

See you all next week