Hello to all, as we got another great week this week, and mostly due to one movie (and partly due to a special Friday release).

Highlight of the week… Star Trek: Into Darkness. Following the same cast as the previous film, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) lead us on a whole new adventure that – though I admit is not as amazing as the first one – is still damn entertaining and awesome. Totally excited to be picking this one up, as the 3D was pretty great in it as well. For those of you who love your collector items, we get a special addition gift set release, which has the Blu-ray 3D and DVD copies, along with a replica model of the Phaser from the film.

Star Trek Into Darkness

That’s it for the film side, which is more then enough as far as this week is concerned. Some other classics get releases this Friday; but you’ll have to check back in with us this Friday to find out what it may be. I’ll give you a hint though… Just check out what date this Friday is…

On the TV side of things we get season two of Homeland – never saw this, but it does look good and it’s won crazy awards. We also get Supernatural season 8… whatever. And also season 6 of The Big Bang Theory. Everybody seems to love this show and find it hilarious… personally, I’ve given it a try 3 separate times and haven’t laughed once. I guess it’s just not my style, but hey… to each his own. It’s obviously good, as I trust the people who like it, so, I wont hate on it. Just not me thats all.

Big Bang 6

Check in with us this Friday for a surprise release, and we’ll see you next Tuesday again for more weekly releases!