Well Towelites today is the day that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits disc. One of the most controversial super hero films to date is getting an ultimate edition with Zack Snyder’s “more accurate” version. BD BVSThere has been a lot of talk about how this director’s cut makes the story more coherent and then there’s people who say that it doesn’t matter because it’s still a shit movie. Nonetheless I will at some point watch it (I do have some FIOS points to use) and judge for myself BUT I am not going out and paying full price for the Blu-ray. No, no, no, I’ll definitely wait for this one to hit rock bottom on Amazon and then pick it up for the special features. DC and WB are also dropping 4k versions of Man of Steel and Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut if you’re into that kind of thing.

Besides BvS there’s not much else coming out. A great Shout Factory Collector’s Edition for The Return of the Living Dead is available. I love what Shout does with these films as they always give us some great special features and new box art. If you’re a zombie fan then this one’s for you. Shout also is releasing one of my favorite werewolf films from my childhood, Bad Moon.

On the TV side of things, Orphan Black season 4, The Magicians season 1, The 100 season 3, and Person of Interest season 5 are out. I’ve heard good things about all of these shows but with so many other shows out there (thanks Netflix) a lot of things have been put on the backburner

return of the living dead.