We are in the age between VHS and Downloadable movies… the age of Blu-ray (and DVD).  An age where VHS is just not good enough anymore, and the Downloadable way of viewing movies has not become 100% mainstream yet.  Which brings us to this weeks releases on Blu-ray.


This Tuesday is actually a big one, with the release of what was probably one of the best movies of the year: The Avengers.  This comes on all sorts of collections.  Blu-ray, DVD, with extras, sans extras, digital copy, etc.  Most importantly, the 3D version (which is the one I’ll be picking up) – because in all honestly, the 3D in that movie was more impressive then most.




Bond CollectionFor the James Bond Fanatic, this Tuesday also gives us the Blu-ray release of the full 22 film collection; a little tribute to the 50th anniversary of 007!  From Dr. No, to the Quantum of Solace, this collection also provides over 130 hours of extras, including never-before-scene content (not to mention some of the films first time on blu-ray).  And the little cherry on top of all this awesomeness? … they even have an extra slot for Skyfall to join the collection (my OCD has been satisfied).

Other releases this Tuesday include the much anticipated The Dark Knight Returns (animated movie) – in case you’ve missed all the posts on our site, here at Don’t Forget a Towel, we are VERY excited about this!  Resident Evil: Damnation (animated movie), is also coming to us (which I’ve heard good thing about), Season 1 of American Horror Story (for those who loved the show), The American President (Michael Douglas, Annette Bening, Martin Sheen), Portlandia Season 2, and more…

Any of these on your wish list?  Enjoy!