Not too much in the blu-ray world this week, but at least we get The Martian.  Matt Damon won the golden globe for Best Actor for a comedy… though there was some snickering that this was actually considered a comedy.  Either way, it looks good and clearly the critics feel the same way.

The Martian

Hotel Transylvania 2 comes out today as well.  I never saw the first one, though I remember it had received good reviews; unfortunately this one didn’t seem to have the same quality to it, or so it seem from its reception.


The famous Sherlock show on BBC (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) seems to have come up with a movie, and it looks like its as good as the show.  Sherlock: The Abominable Bride is out today.


Devil Wear Prada comes out with a 10th anniversary edition… holy crap, that movie is 10 years old?

Devil Wears Prada 10th

Looks like Woody Allen came out with a film starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix, but this one must have been under the radar cause I honestly don’t remember seeing or hearing about this.  But it looks like The Irrational Man hits the shelves today.

irrational man

Last, and definitely least, is another installation in the Paranormal Activity series, The Ghost Dimension.  And thats it’s for the week.  Check in with us next Tuesday to see what’s coming out.