Hey Towelites! A couple of big releases hitting stores this week, including the film that just won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Big Hero 6!

Big Hero 6This Marvel/Disney colaboration has received rave reviews and I can’t wait to check it out! Surprisingly, the only set that is available today is the Collector’s Set which doesn’t feature the film in 3-D. Maybe this means that companies are being more cautious with this format. But I am very surprised seeing that it’s the animated films that look the best this way. Oh well, with it’s recent win I’m sure that we will be seeing that set soon enough!

Horrible Bosses 2Next up is the sequel to the 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses, a movie that I really enjoyed. This time around the guys are trying to start their own business and things go terribly wrong. Horrible Bosses 2 features all of the same, hysterical antics that you have been craving since the original. Jennifer Aniston as the sex crazed villainous, Dr. Julia Harris, is a highlight of these films.

WhiplashWhiplash features a feel-good story where J. Jonah Jameson teaches Mr. Fantastic how to play the drums, but it doesn’t feature Mickey Rourke as the titular Iron Man villain. I would probably watch this if I had more time on my slate, opposed to this next one…

Dragonheart 3Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse. Wait, this movie doesn’t star Dennis Quaid or Sean Connery? Yet, somehow they roped Sir Ben Kingsley into voicing Drago this time around. Pssst… it’s on Netflix if you really need to watch it. Moving on…..

SOA s7FX wrapped up their bad-boy motorcycle drama this past year. Sons of Anarchy Season 7 hits Blu-ray today and you can also pick up the amazing Complete Series collector’s set if you want the entire run. We here at DFAT enjoyed the show a lot and you can check out our recaps by hitting this link.SOA Collectors Set

Well that about does it for this week! Sound off on in the comments section below on what you’re watching this week!!