Hey Towelites! Spring is finally here and it’s time for you to get out there and pick up some quality entertainment. Let’s see what’s new on Blu-ray this week!

Night at the MuseumFirst up we have the big release of the week which another Night at the Museum sequel, entitled Secret of the Tomb. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back with their usual antics as they once again have to save the world from evil museum displays or something along those lines. I haven’t watched any of these since the original and this is bottom of my list for movies that I want to watch.

The Legend of Korra book 4 blurayA few of us are huge Airbender fans, and some of us still need to get on watching the series. The final season of The Legend of Korra comes out today. You can read all of our recaps for Book 4: Balance here.

Someone who we really love here at DFAT is John Hughes and his ‘coming of age’ films. 2015 is the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club so that special edition comes out today. Casey and his cousin Chris Seaver geeked out about all of the big 30th anniversaries of this year in one of their Gourmet Scum podcasts, check it out here. If you are a huge Hughes fan, and I’m sure you are, here is an awesome bundle called the “Yearbook Collection” featuring some of his best films!


Hunger Games Mockingjay p1 blurayJust a mention, The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1 hit stores on the 4th last week. I’m sure that you already know that but since it came out on a Wednesday we missed it. So go get yourself a healthy dose of Katniss.