Another week that we only get a couple random movie blu-ray release and a bunch of random television ones.

On the movie side, we have Seventh Son.  This never looked like it would have been mind blowing or anything, but I was hoping it would have been good enough to enjoy – especially considering that there are only a handful of quality “fantasy” films (i.e. LoR).  Sadly, even Jeff Bridges, Kit Harington and Julianne Moore were not enough to bring up the reviews beyond the mediocre ones it received.

Seventh Son

Another movie that looks absolutely ridiculous is The Loft.  Not much else to point out about the movie other that reviews where not that great – then again for how silly the story seems, reviews are not that bad either, so… watch at your own rick.

The Loft

On the TV side we get Sons of Liberty, season 3 of Major Crimes, season 2 of Ray Donovan, the complete series of the classic Saint show and speaking of classic, the complete series of The Nanny.

The Nanny

Thats it for the week.