This week we have nothing on blu-ray this week.  Serious, nothing.  I have no clue what some of the random stuff coming out with, and the rest seems not worth mentioning.  I’m picking a couple just to have a little something for you though.

Some film named Survivor with Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jonovich comes out, but honestly, this is the first time I hear of it, and the reviews aren’t anything spectacular; same with The Forger starring someone I hadn’t seen in a while, Jahn Travolta – this too  not looking like anything good.  What I am interested in though, is this new release Terry Gilliams of The Fisher King, starring Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams.

Fisher King

On the television side, it’s probably worth mentioning season 5 of Workaholics.  Can’t say of this latest season, as I’m a little behind, but over the first couple seasons, I’ve come to find the show pretty enjoyable.

Worcaholics 5

See you next week… hopefully we have more impressive releases.