Looks like the Oscars spurred the release of a bunch of blu-ray’s for today, so we have a bunch to mention.

Sylvester Stallone brings his latest boxing installment with Creed.  And it actually received amazing reviews, so to all those Rocky fans, this would be a must.


An amazing cast, including the Best Actress Academy award winner, Brie Larson, bring us the critically acclaimed (and nominated) Room.  Another must watch on my list.


Another critically acclaimed film comes out today, The Danish Girl.  Starring Eddie Redmayne (last years Best Actor winner), this also goes on the list.

The Danish Girl

Unrelated to the nomination, yet one I’m actually really wanting to see, is The Night Before.  With a cast including Joseph Gordon Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie, this film looked hilarious.  Reviews unfortunately where mixed, so watch at your own risk I guess.

The Night Before

To wrap things up, we get tons of new blu-ray releases in 4K, like Ender’s Game, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Watchmen and Mad Mex Fury Road!

MadMax 4k

Till next week,