Hey Towelites! This week on movie disc, in whatever format you collect your films in, we have some decent releases. So let’s get down to it, shall we?

TT v JLJustice League vs Teen Titans

DC fans have been divided. Some (with very bad taste in movies) enjoyed BvS. Some did not. Well at least we have the animated movies to wash all of that away. I am pretty excited for this movie and I am eagerly awaiting it’s delivery. Being a big fan of the Teen Titans, I am looking forward to a more “mature” take on the team versus Teen Titans Go!, which in its own right is awesome.

ForestThe Forest

There are a few horror movies on my list right now that I want to watch, and The Forest is one of them. The beautiful Natalie Dormer, of Game of Thrones fame, stars in this supernatural thriller about running around in the woods. Kinda sounds campy? I’ve heard good things so I’ll be watching this one eventually.

Village of the Damned CEVillage of the Damned

Another John Carpenter classic is getting the Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition treatment. I have this film on my DVR and I need to watch it. Village of the Damned has some familiar faces and if these kind of movies are up your alley then I suggest you check it out. You can’t ever deny a good Carpenter soundtrack! I have been on a Carpenter kick as of late as I prep to go see the great man in concert this July.

Heroes rebornHeroes Reborn

Well it was a good attempt at relaunching a superhero series that came before its time yet still couldn’t suck new fans in during the current superhero era. I gave this show a shot but lost interest about halfway through. Actually that sounds very similar to my experience with the show the first time around… Well if you’re interested you can pick up the complete series today.

Well there you have it. Anything you’re headed out to pick up today? Sound off in the comments!