Well hello there Towelites and welcome to a brand new edition of Tuesday Blusday. Your source of all the new releases hitting the stores and digital for your favorite cinematic adventures! This week we head back to the Land of the Zombies, Get mysterious and spooky, snootchy bootchy, and much more!

Zombieland: Doubletap (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

10 years later and apparently the old magic is still there. Didn’t happen to catch this one in the theaters but it’s out now. Best Buy is even doing a steelbook release!

The Addams Family (Blu-ray, DVD, Digital)

This was one of those out of left field releases. I remember actually seeing the toys at Toy Fair before even seeing a preview. I’m all about animated hijinx with that family, as it’s been too long since they were on screen. Can’t wait.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (Blu-ray)

Oh Kevin Smith going back to the well. I have extremely low hopes for this one but I’m wishing for the best. Please don’t suck.

Doctor Sleep (Digital)

Everyone whose seen this movie has said it’s really good. It’ll get released later in February but the digital version is out today. Listen, Ewan MacGregor and Rebecca Ferguson can do no wrong, this looks great!