Why hello there Towelites! It’s that most wonderful time of the week where we discuss all the new movie and tv releases coming to a household near you. This week we’re heading to Hollywood, taking on some killer clowns, drinking tiger blood, and much more!

The Hunger Games Collection (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

Loved the books, was kinda meh on the movies. Katniss just isn’t that great of a character overall. Meh. Anywho, the movies are getting the 4K release and if you’re a fan of the films then this would be the set to get. 

Terminal Velocity (Blu-ray)

This was one of those films that I got when DVD was first a thing. I can’t really even remember the movie all that well other than I remember enjoying it when I was a teenager. I doubt it holds up. 

Hustlers (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

I didn’t see this one but only heard that it was really fantastic. Jennifer Lopez in 4K? Sure, I’ll check that out.

It Chapter 2 (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

I’ll be honest, not sure why people didn’t love this one as much as the Chapter 1. I thought it was a good movie and maybe even slightly scarier. I’ll enjoy adding it to my collection.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

Man, I wish I had caught this in the theatre. I’m glad it’s finally out and I can’t wait to catch this in the most 4K of all the 4K’s.