Happiest of all the Tuesdays my Towelites! This week brings a slew of surprises from Spider-Men, to Titans, to Mad Dragon Queens, and much much more. Let’s get on with the Tuesday selections!

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series (Blu-ray, DVD)

Despite what you thought of that last season, Game of Thrones, is one of the best shows of all-time. The Complete Series is something that I’ve been waiting for since Season 1 and I can’t wait to get it in my collection.

Slaughterhouse Five (Blu-ray)

Arrow Video is back again with another awesome video. Slaughterhouse Five has never looked better.

Teen Titans: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Its time to get all your Teen Titans in one place with the Complete Collection. Go!

The Goldfinch (Blu-ray, Digital)

I didn’t see this movie but I did read the book back in the day and it was great. Plus, the cast is pretty stellar. 

Spider-Man Collection (Blu-ray, Digital)

All the Sony Spider-Men movies of the last 5 years in one place. I’m not sure why you don’t already own all of these, but sure, why not get it now?

Waterworld (Blu-ray)

Arrow is making you get WET with this updated version of Waterworld. The 4 hour epic is going to look the best its ever been and if you’re not in it, you’re out of it.

Ready or Not (Blu-ray, Digital)

This one is what I’ve been waiting for since the first trailer. The movie looks to be a KILLER good time and I can’t wait to get my hand on it.