Hey Towelites, its been a while and I’m sorry. Things got a little crazy out there since the last Blusday, but you already knew that didn’t you? Anywho, lets get to this weeks releases, which are…not all that great.

Cats (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

This movie exists despite anyone asking for it. I wanna watch it though, just get thoroughly intoxicated first.

Little Women (Blu-ray, Digital)

The only movie out of the 3 that looks any good. I love Greta Gerwig and all of the actresses in this film. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, given it got nominated for 6 Academy Awards. 


Doolittle (4K, Blu-ray, Digital)

Again, why does this need to exist? This is another one of those cases of ‘Does Hollywood have any original ideas?’ And ‘Can RDJ do anything besides Iron Man anymore?’ Sadly both questions are answered by NO