These days more and more people are turning to PC gaming, instead of using the more traditional base of console gaming. The addictiveness of games are not stopping, in fact they are just getting better and more advanced each year, which is why serious gamers are moving across to PC gaming. It isn’t an easy thing to do, and it can also be quite expensive. Here are some hints and tips that can help your change of gaming hardware be a success.

Check Your Space

Before you start off with purchasing the gear remember it all takes up more space. A console simply needs to be plugged into a main and placed beneath or aside your TV. But for a new PC you need a decent sized area to set it all up in. The monitor, for which you can find great reviews on this page, takes up a lot of space especially if you go for one of the better 4K models. Then you need space for the other hardware like drive, keyboard and any other hardware you need like a printer for example. You don’t want it to look to cluttered and cramped in your room, so make sure you give it good thought.

Laptop V PC

To get into PC gaming you may not need a PC. You can actually use a laptop, which is far better on space and has the mobility to allow you to play from pretty much anywhere. There is a trade off though, as PC’s are more powerful. You can still get laptops that play the newest AAA titles on full spec, but they can be tricker to upgrade down the line. To answer this question then you need to analyse your life. Will you mainly be playing from home? Or do you travel a lot of the time? Remember, sometimes gaming laptops aren’t too useful for other applications and can cost the same amount as a PC.

Why Are You Swapping?

Ask yourself why are you swapping to PC gaming? Are there games you would prefer on the PC? Such as those that are strategy based like games from the total war franchise, StarCraft or Company of Heroes 2? Or are you swapping for the MMO market? Consoles have their fair share of MMO’s these days, star trek online is a big hit, and games like neverwinter and the elder scrolls online have a big following too. Consoles are catching up especially with the newer upgrades like the ps4 pro and suchlike. Be totally sure you want to switch before going ahead as you could end up regretting it down the line.


Again, swapping to PC for VR is a bad decision, the headset hampers the graphical superiority of the PC because it is all played through a different screen. Sure, there will be a better framerate and so forth, but PSVR is just as good and has a better selection of games. Only switch if you want the PC for its native games and heightened graphics, don’t go for it just because of VR.