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zombielandWho didn’t love the Zombieland movie?! If you didn’t maybe you should try re-watching it. Anywho talks of a TV series based on the film have been floating around the web for a long time and now it has all come to fruition! Originally planned to be on network TV, Amazon has swooped down and scored the exclusive rights to air the show on their instant video service! In an attempt to compete with Netflix who now has several original shows headed to their service, Amazon has scored big with this deal! Moving forward with production Amazon has even found its director for the show, none other than Tucker and Dale vs Evil‘s Eli Craig! Craig will join the orignal movie’s writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who will also co-produce! The series will feature the original characters from the movie, casting is under way as we speak. So what do you think Towelites?? Are you excited to see the next chapter in everyone’s favorite comedic zombie killing franchise!!?? Remember to always DOUBLE-TAP!!

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BSG: Blood and Chrome

battlestar blood and chromeThe Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome web-series was a success! Based on the first Cylon War and centers a young William Adama, played by Luke Pasqualino, After passing on the series last year, SYFY has now wised up and ordered the show for primetime! This is of course after 8 million views were recorded when Machinima Prime aired the series on their YouTube Channel! So set your DVR’s BSG: Blood and Chrome will air February 10 from 9-11 PM  as a two-hour full-length movie!

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J.J. Abrams J.H. Wyman “Sci-Fi Buddy Cop” Pilot ordered by Fox

Who is going to turn down a J.J. Abrams show?! Fox, which is looking to fill the void now that Fringe has just ended, has ordered a pilot for the untitled “futuristic robot buddy cop” show from writer J.H. Wyman and producers Abrams and Bryan Burk.

The untitled Warner Bros. TV/Bad Robot-produced project is described as an action-packed buddy cop show, set in the near future, when all LAPD officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids.

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True Blood

True-Blood-logoTwo more beautiful actresses have been added to the cast of True Blood‘s 6th season, Amelia Rose Blaire (90210) and Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights)! Blaire will play Willa Burrell, the daughter of Louisiana Gov. Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard), who has long clashed with her father over vampire rights and Smollett will play wide-eyed Nicole Wright, who is not concerned with money and more concerned with the common good and doing what’s right.

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Sleepy Hollow CSI?

The_Headless_Horseman_by_ChrisRawlinsYou know what we need? More sexed up versions of our favorite classics!! After the “success” of the CW‘s Beauty and the Beast, it looks like Fox is following suit and looking to adapt the classic Washington Irving story Sleepy Hollow into a modern-day crime drama. Fox has tasked Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci (Star Trek, Transformersto writing the new supernatural pilot with Len Wiseman (Underworld) set to direct. Not too sure what to think about this one, but with as many crime shows that are on TV right now how can this one set itself apart from the others?

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