Time for an onslaught of announcements from your favorite TV shows and some newcomers that are on the horizon!!


Nutshell Studies:

Guillermo Del Toro and Sara Gran (Southland) will be producing the upcoming show, Nutshell Studies for HBO. Described as a Hitchcockian drama about a 1950s small-town housewife who becomes obsessed with solving brutal crimes, Nutshell Studies is a reference the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death,  a series of incredibly detailed dollhouse recreations of crime scenes made by Frances Glessner Lee. Lee, a millionaire heiress, went on to found Harvard’s school of legal medicine, the first forensic pathology program in the United States. Interesting, let’s hope that HBO gives this one a shot so we can at least see what it’s about!



Howard Gordon (24, Homeland) and Max Landis (Chronicle) are looking to bring superheroes back to television. But after a few failed attempts (Heroes, The Cape) do we really have the patience to try this again? On the bright side, if anyone should attempt this I feel these two have a good shot. Fox is optioning this Punisher-esque vigilante drama.


Sherlock: Elementary

CBS‘s brand new show Sherlock: Elementary, a clear rip-off piggy-backing off the success of the BBC’s superior Sherlock has a new banner and two posters to show you in an attempt to gain your audience. Nice try. This one-seasoner airs on September..whatever you can read the banner.



The Walking Dead

It’s almost October and you know what that means!!! The return of everyone’s favorite zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead. Here are the latest photos (courtesy of  TVLine)  from the new season! Also, look forward to new Webisodes coming October 1st on AMC’s website! The Walking Dead season 3 premieres on Sunday, October 14th!


Stay Tooned 😛