Get yourself a damn good cup of coffee and a piece of the world’s greatest cherry pie (which I have actually had, and it really is the best cherry pie) because the word around town, or actually Twitter, is that David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing Twin Peaks back!

Twin Peaks last aired in 1991, and I don’t know about you, but I have watched it at least two times through since then. I’ve actually been meaning to watch it again because, well, because it’s awesome! It was cancelled after only two seasons and has since gained cult status.

The show is going to be set in the present day, with story lines from the second season coming through. I’m curious to see how this is going to play out, considering how much older everyone is now. Will they be bringing the original cast back?
They have signed with Showtime for a nine episode season, though Showtime has not confirmed anything, Mark Frost and David Lynch both Tweeted today:

There’s always been talk about them bringing the show back after 25 years, and it looks like they have been proven true to their word! Star, Kyle MacLachlan, also jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.

I will keep you posted as the details develop on this. At this point there’s not too much to go on, but just knowing that it’s coming back has me insanely happy and excited.

I’m going to go brush up on all of my Agent Cooper quotes now!