The PS4 hit shelves today and Playstation isn’t wasting anytime letting fans know what’s coming next! Naughty Dog has announced that there will be another Uncharted game coming to the new system and has release the following teaser on their official blog.

Nathan Drake Uncharted

We premiered our first teaser trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind, a single-player DLC campaign coming early next year. But we weren’t done with announcements quite yet; we had one more treat for our fans – a teaser video that confirms we are working on an Uncharted game on the PlayStation 4 system!

Are you ready for the next adventure of Nathan Drake?! With the success of the game play system that Last of Us used I wonder how much it will be improved upon in the next Uncharted game! As usual, Uncharted will be exclusively available for the PS4.

Stay tooned 😛



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