Before I get too crazy into going off on a diatribe, I’ll give you the TL:DR version of this post. I’m not opposed to a Shared Universe with the Universal Monsters, but unless it’s a Monster Squad remake/sequel; it’s just not going to be good. Okay, for the rest of you that care.

Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Amazing Spider-Man) has been over at Universal working his way into getting a world of all of our favorite Monsters together into a shared universe. He’s also trying to get that to happen for the Amazing Spider-Man the-wolf-manmovies, but that’s a different article. Teaming up with Chris Morgan (The Fast and Furious films), they’ve recruited three more writers to join them on this journey.

Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners), Noah Hawley (the Fargo TV show) , and Ed Solomon (Now You See Me) will all be joining the stable of writers. Guzikowski is already tapped to pen The Wolfman, while the other two will be working on yet-to-be-announced projects.

So let’s get back to my initial comment at the top of the article. The approach that these Hollywood writers is taking, is to emulate what Marvel has done so well, with an underlying story connecting all these characters; and their individual movies serving the ‘big picture.’ Will this work? Will it really matter what the writers decide to say when we’re all leading to a big Monster Mash if you will? I’m not sure.

It works for Marvel because that’s really what happens in the comics. Spidey, Wolverine, The Fantastic Four are all doing their own thing, and then all of a sudden, The Secret Wars happens and brings them together. In this case, The Infinity War for Avengers 3. I’m not convinced there’s a reason to see all of the Universal Monsters in one movie, unless they are battling a bunch of kids and an old German dude.

We don’t have more news than that, aside from the fact that we have a confirmation that The Mummy is also getting made and expected in the next couple of years. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a cool idea and who do you want to direct these films? Sound off in the comments!