This summer the next Luc Besson masterpiece was set to hit theaters. Upon release, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets divided viewers and the internet was a buzz with reactions. I just watched the movie as of last night, my first full day in California, as this was one I was not going to miss on the big screen. Most importantly I was not going to miss out on the 3D experience that I was expecting walking into the theater.

Personally I really liked it but I can understand where critics and viewers could have issues with the film. Listen, this film was up against the ropes and with people wanting a second Fifth Element film it was doomed to fall under the scrupulous opinions of the masses. Nonetheless, Valerian is a film that is pleasing to the eye and if you like a little cheese with you wine then I suggest checking it out.

Today we have some exclusive concept art from the movie by Ben Mauro, check out the gallery below!