Looking forward to 2021? We are and Valiant Entertainment has you covered when it comes to action and FUN! Check out the official preview for Savage #1!



SAVAGE Promo Art by Nathan Stockman & Brian Reber
November 11, 2020 (New York, NY) – SAVAGE #1 brings monster mayhem to comic shops this February.

Hit musician and critically-acclaimed writer MAX BEMIS (Moon Knight) and energetic artist NATHAN STOCKMAN (Spidey) present SAVAGE, an action-packed adventure that’s loaded with animated artwork, lots of laughs, and a completely unpredictable story.

Kevin Sauvage, aka Savage, grew up on a remote island populated by bloodthirsty dinosaurs and terrifying marauders. The wild child knew only one thing: survival. Now, he’s living in London and has become a breakout viral sensation. As Savage learns to live in his new environment, a taste of home comes to London as dinosaurs invade the city! It’s time for Savage to do what he does best: hunt!
Max promises to deliver the goods with this new series. “Tons of gigantic freaking lizards and Brit-influenced comedy.”
Nathan has high hopes fans will be gripped immediately by what they read. “There’s some really cool characters and action in there and I’d love readers to put it down and go, ‘Hey that was cool, when’s the next issue out?’ That’s always the goal!”
Senior Editor Heather Antos is excited to bring this character front and center for new and returning Valiant fans. “We’re bringing Kevin ‘Savage’ Sauvage to the forefront of the Valiant Universe in 2021. No longer is he trapped in the alternate dimension known as the Faraway — rather he’s right on our doorsteps in modern-day London!” She explains how this is a quintessential Valiant comic by, “Exploring some of the strongest Valiant tenets of questioning what it means to carry the responsibility and choice of being a superhero, the action-packed science-fiction of SAVAGE is about as Valiant as Valiant can get.”
SAVAGE #1 unleashes dinosaur-hunting fun this February 17th, 2021, featuring colors by Triona Farrell, letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and covers by Marcus ToChristian WardStacey Lee, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. Visit Newsarama for more comments from the creative team.