Steam Machines were all the rage at last years E3 and this years CES, but it’s been a while since we reported on them. The idea is that Valve created a bunch of differently priced gaming systems that could play your steam games on the television, rivaling the consoles of today. As we’re still eagerly awaiting the future of gaming, the SteamBoy Machine Team, has unveiled it’s new project, the SteamBoy.

Much like the GameBoy of the past, the SteamBoy will be a handheld unit that will play games on the go. Its a mix between an Xbox and Wii U controller, as there are the A, B, X, and Y buttons with a screen in the middle. There isn’t a release date for the system yet, but it’s expected for a 2015 premiere. You can check out a trailer for the SteamBoy below.