Remember Alicia Silverstone? You know, that blonde girl who framed Cary Elwes for supposedly having sex with her because she had a crush on him. Or maybe you better know her as the very first “gossip girl” who said ‘WHATEVER’ a lot in the movie Clueless. Well, she’s back with her Clueless director, Amy Heckerling, in a movie called Vamps. It seems since they both went the way of the vampire, by disappearing and now finally seeing the light of day, the title/movie seems fitting. Take a look at this mediocre trailer about vampire girls finding love, below.

The movie also stars Sigourney Weaver, Malcolm McDonald, Richard Lewis, and a slew of other actors who should know better. The movie has a November 2nd, 2012 release date. It has  a November 4th disappearing date.