Sony has done all it can do to save it’s ailing studios by putting all it’s money behind the Spider-Man franchise. Despite it’s mediocre reviews and less than stellar Box Office returns, Sony refuses to give the arachnid over to Marvel and Disney. The company has previously announced that it will making The Sinister Six and Venom movies; but today we get a little more insight on the projects. Not only will we be seeing villain films, but we also hear that a female Spidey star may get her own film.

First up, the kids over at Deadline report that Venom is now being called Venom Carnage. No slash mark, no Venom v Carnage: Dawn of the Symbiote, just Venom Carnage. Okay.

The Venom movie which we hear is entitled Venom Carnage is still said to be in development with old pros Alex Kurtzman and Ed Solomon scripting. The Venom pic, which Kurtzman will direct, may also now come out in 2017.

Sinister 6

Deadline sources describe the Sinister Six:

[The film] revolves around all the villains of Spider-Man converging after the evil Dr. Octopus summons them. There are a lot of different Sinister Six team-ups so it has yet to be revealed which characters might appear, but one possibility is Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and Sandman.

Black_cat_smallAs many of you know, the only real woman in the Spidey universe is Black Cat. Amazing Spider-Man 2 haphazardly introduced us to ‘Felicia’; though I’m not sure if that was just a cameo or implying that it was Felicia Hardy. If the cat burglar is to get her own film, will it be played by Felicity Jones? The movie is expected for a 2017 release date, and has already tapped Lisa Joy to pen the script.

What do you all think of this Spidey news? Do you think that a Venom Carnage film will hold up on it’s own? I like the idea of a Sinister Six film, though without Spider-Man, I don’t know how that will work. While Black Cat is the obvious choice for her own film there is also: Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, and Firestar, just to name a few other female characters.

As more news comes in from the Sony stable, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!