For the most part Chris and I like to keep the website pretty PG-13, not on the podcasts at all, but for our readers; but from here on out we’re going to go to a hard R.


We say this constantly throughout our rants on the site with less expletives but seriously. There’s a reason that your movie studio is a fat piece of shit. Kevin Feige was gracious enough to save the Spider-Man series with Homecoming but because you wanted to be little fuckheads and not give Marvel all the characters, this is why you will fail. I WANT this movie to be good. I love Tom Hardy as an actor and I think that director Ruben Fleisher did a great job with Zombieland. All that being said, he’s a trailer that tells us Hardy is Eddie Brock. Something happens to him. Supposedly he becomes the Lethal Protector. Fuck fuck fuck. And if Peter Parker doesn’t show up in this movie, just take that $150 million budget you spent and light it on fire like Joker does in The Dark Knight.

Todd McFarlane isn’t dead so he can’t roll over in his grave but I’m sure he let out a massive groan at this POS.

Venom is due out on October 5th and hopefully we’ll actually see what he looks like before then.