We haven’t really had nice things to say about SONY‘s endeavor to build a shared universe based on their shared Spider-Man with Marvel Studios. The minute I heard a Venom trailer was debuting at CinemaCon, I knew that SONY would be dropping this trailer just in time for Avengers: Infinity War. The good people at WECUTREALLYGOODTRAILERS.COM are at it again and outside of what I’m thinking is “unfinished” look at the final Venom CGI, I give it a meh. If Tom Hardy can sell the duel-personality then I am pretty much sold outside of a decent narrative.

Is this the launch of your shared universe SONY? What kind of deeper mythos are you working at so that a Black Cat/Silver Sable movie exists, scrap that, MAKES SENSE? Here’s the official trailer for the Ruben Fleischer directed Venom hitting theaters this October!