Alien: Blackout announced for mobile devices. UGH.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the orginal Alien film. I had hoped for some pretty cool happenings surrounding the anniversary but I may have to bite my tongue on this one.Here we go again. When the gaming industry is at one of its high points companies go and...


Remember the gold old days of first player shooters in the 90s? The graphic amount of blood, violence, and pumping heavy metal? Enter Dusk, a 90s game made in 2018 and that's a GOOD THING. The trailer has me ready to freak out and chug some Jolt Cola and stay up all...

Surreal RPG, YIIK, makes its way to Steam and consoles!

I'm fine with playing some weird-ass games. Fun is in the eye or hands of the game player and therefore when I saw the trailer for YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG; I said "why the heck not?" It looks pretty wacky and surreal and learn more about it below!...

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