Choose Your Flag – The Other Times March Madness

I am not a sports fan, for some reason or another, I AM a fan of certain sports tropes. For example, the level of strategy required for an American football game is fascinating to me, but I could care less about the athletic part of it. It takes an advanced level of tactical thinking to develop the plays and counter-plays that are continuously ongoing during a football game. And then, being able to implement these tactics as one of the pieces in the game, while still being capable of improvising personal strategic decisions on the fly? Frankly, I find it impressive and it takes a great deal for me to admit a football player is not intelligent. Frankly, between the physical requirements and the mental needs, a game of football is far more advanced than I think people generally give it credit for.

I still think they are paid way too much, but that’s the socially aware part of me.

Another aspect of sports that I enjoy on an unreasonable level is brackets.

Come this time of year for March Madness, I seek out brackets of all types and weigh in. Frankly, I don’t even generally care what it’s a bracket of: comics, fashion, TV shows; whatever! At this time of year, people put up brackets of all sorts of things and I am ready to participate.

So, when my good friend, Eerie Viking, mentioned that he was doing brackets on his alternate history blog, Other Times, I was excited. Viking and I have been friends for a long time and I have always enjoyed his takes on history. This blog highlights these and brings little-known alternate histories to the fore that most of us would have, otherwise, not known of. Viking is a student of history, in general, and has an unusual specialty in that he knows more about flags than anyone I’ve ever met. To this end, he creates a flag for every alternate world he develops.

That’s where the bracket comes in.

Round One

We will be determining what the coolest alternate historical world is by voting on which flag is the coolest. I recommend taking a look at this, especially if you are an aspiring alternate history nerd, like myself.

And while you’re there, take a look at some of these cool alternate worlds and maybe get a little bit of your learn on!

You can do it during halftime!

Check it out!

~Doc Palindrome