Stan Lee’s Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Entry

Willie Lumpkin – Earth-199999 (or 96283, or 121698, see notes)

Real Name: William Lumpkin 280px-Fantastic1

Known Aliases: “Lumpy”, “Hef”

Identity: None

Occupation: United States Postal Courier

Citizenship: United States of America

Place of Birth: Glenville, Nebraska

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Fredrick (“Freddie”) Lumpkin (nephew), Timothy (“Timmy”) Lumpkin (grand-nephew)

Group Affiliation: None; Formerly New York Municipal Vendors Association, Lee & Lee Security, United States Postal Service

Education: Master’s Degree in Engineering

First Appearance: X-Men (2000)

History: Little is known about Willie Lumpkin’s past. He was first encountered tending to the yard of his suburban home as Charles Xavier and Erik Lenscherr arrived to speak with the parents of Jean Grey. Willie was still outside and caught by surprise when the young girl’s powers caused many nearby objects to levitate. He was next seen in Hell’s Kitchen when a young and newly blind Matt Murdock, while discovering his new abilities, prevented Willie from being struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Years later, he was working as a hotdog vendor on a beach when Senator Robert Kelly arrived, naked after having been transformed into a an unstable superhuman state by Magneto. Soon after, Willie attended an event in New York City when the Green Goblin and Spider-Man engaged in a battle. During the course of the battle, debris was knocked loose from a building and Willie pulled a little girl out of the path of the falling masonry.

Lumpkin was next seen as a security guard at an unnamed private lab where Bruce Banner was exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation (see notes). However, he was soon back in New York City and managed to pull an innocent woman from danger during a battle between Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. Soon after, Willie delivered mail to Reed Richards as Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and Johnny Storm as they arrived at the Baxter Building following the transformation that would cause them to form the Fantastic Four. Richards addressed Willie by name, indicating a familiarity.


Willie again encountered Spider-Man, albeit unknowingly, when he read a news bulletin about Spider-Man’s actions alongside Peter Parker, secretly the Arachnid Hero. Willie, moved by the story, commented to Peter about one person being able to make a difference, an event that affected Parker greatly and influenced him to face his fears. Only a few weeks later, Willie was turned away from Reed and Sue’s wedding for not having an invitation, having left it at home on the counter and attempted to get in by utilizing his familiarity to former publisher, Stan Lee.

Having an unknown turn of good luck, Willie was attending a gala with three young blonde women in Los Angeles when Tony Stark mistook him for Hugh Hefner. Later, Willie drank a Brazilian soda which had been infected with Bruce Banner’s blood. He was affected by this to a degree which has yet to be determined. This allowed the United States government to discover Banner’s location and, ultimately, flush him out of hiding.

Recovering, Willie was again met by Stark, but was again mistaken for another famous man, Larry King. Willie was next seen in the New Mexico desert where he destroyed his truck in an attempt to move the hammer of the god of thunder, Thor.

Lumpkin was then seen on the New York channel NY 1, where he commented in disbelief that there would be superheroes in New York. Having taken a position as a school librarian (his previous good fortune having, perhaps left him after his debacle in New Mexico), Willie listened, obliviously, to music as Spider-Man and the Lizard battled through the library, in his care.

Height: 6’1303236099983

Weight: 155 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White (was Brown)

Superhuman Abilities: Willie Lumpkin has no superhuman abilities.

Abilities: Willie Lumpkin has a wide variety of talents due to a lifetime of moving from job to job. He is an experienced mail carrier and is expertly familiar with the streets and layout of Manhattan. He is also a highly-trained and capable engineer, although he hasn’t used his engineering talents in many years.

Paraphernalia: Willie needs nothing but his sunglasses and a timely quip.

Power Grid 1 2 4 5 5 6 7
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


NOTES: Of course, this is the character portrayed by Stan Lee in a number the Marvel movies. I did a little No-Prizing in order to make it all fit together, but not much was needed. As “Willie Lumpkin” was the only name by which Stan was ever referred (with the exception of Stark’s mistaken references to “Heff” and “Larry”), I decided that that must be his character. This entry assumes that all Marvel movies are in the same universe (Earth-96283), however, it must be noted that there is some issue with this.


Two notable appearances by Stan Lee, as an actor, have been omitted from this. The first is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer where he clearly indicates that his name is Stan Lee. The second is Captain America: The First Avenger, where he portrays a general in World War II. Considering that Willie would be over 100 years old, if this were the same person, I have left it out.

The Marvel movies do not, so far, reference each other with the exception of the Avengers. It seems that Marvel has moved towards a unified movie universe, but there may be changes to some of the characters that are represented in Willie’s entry. However, it could also be noted that, with a few exceptions, Willie could have experienced many of these events, regardless of what background or origin the heroes involved.


The Hulk movies present a particularly interesting case as aspects presented in Ang Lee’s Hulk were summarily changed in Incredible Hulk. However, I see no reason that Lee’s role as a security guard would be any different in the later Incredible, so I have included him as the same character.

I also added in some logical tid bits, but not too terribly much as I don’t want this to become some form of weird fan fiction. I did, however, utilize some of Willie’s mainstream Earth-616 details and the engineering thing? Well…

It was noted by someone online that the Spider-Man universe is supposed to be Earth-121698 and that the current Marvel movies are Earth-199999. The former seems possible, but I have doubts about the latter. At some point in the future I may write an article detailing my thoughts on the Marvel movies and how they align with the mainstream Marvel universe, but nobody should ever read it because it will be as boring as hell.

~Doc Palindrome