walking dead clear

We found Morgan! Finally!!!  I really loved this week’s episode.  Rick, Michonne and Carl are out on a run when they come across a block from Rick’s old neighborhood that seems to be booby trapped like crazy with warnings written everywhere you look.  It’s obvious that a crazy person has inhabited the block, but no one knows how crazy he really is.  Once they cross over the barricades that are set up at the front of the block the shooting begins.  The guy is on top of one of the buildings and tells them to leave their weapons and get out. Obviously our fearless threesome don’t listen and they try to take the guy out so they can get his weapons.  Just as Rick is about to be shot, Carl shoots the guy and knocks him down.  At that point I was pretty certain it was Morgan (because of the fact that they pre-empted it in the beginning.  I really wish they wouldn’t do that, I would have preferred to be really surprised that they found him.)  Even though he is knocked unconscious from the shot, Rick refuses to leave him on the street.  This is when the real story begins. 

carl outside bar clear

Michonne and Carl go to look for some stuff for Judith, even though Carl has a different plan, while Rick stays back to keep an eye on Morgan and hopefully talk him into going back to the prison with them.  Once Morgan wakes up he attacks Rick, stabs him in the shoulder and refuses to see who he is.  After everything settles down Morgan starts explaining what happened to his son, Duane, and how he became the person he is today.  Because he was so weak and couldn’t put down his wife, she was the one that attacked their son and Morgan had to kill them both.  From that point on he felt that it was his duty to “Clear” the world of Walkers.  He is basically living in hell and is refusing to leave.  I think that through the whole conversation, Rick saw a lot of himself, or what he is becoming, in Morgan.  When he started saying “You can come back from this!”  I think he was really talking to himself.  I’m hoping that this meeting of the minds has helped to bring Rick back from whatever trip to Crazyland he’s been on the past few episodes.  Maybe seeing what happens when you isolate yourself from people will make him realize that not only does he need to snap out of this, he needs friends, people to talk to and trust. I think that the whole meaning of this episode was that you can’t face this alone.  People are necessary, surrounding yourself with a tight knit group that you can rely on, who you can protect and can protect you, who you can talk to, is just as important to your survival as shelter and food.  If you’re left to fend for yourself completely you will lose all sense of who you are and why you’re even there.  If you remember, after Morgan woke up and attacked Rick, Rick had the gun pointed at his head and he was begging for him to kill him. Can you imagine being alone for all the time?  I think anyone in that situation would go crazy.

walking dead clear rick

Meanwhile, Carl is on a mission to get a family photo from a local diner so Judith can see her mom and her family in happier times, and so he can remember too.  The diner is overrun with Walkers, and he and Michonne try to distract them with rats to feed on, but it doesn’t quite work out.  Once they get out of there they realize that Carl dropped the photo.  He’s about to go in when Michonne finally talks to him and tells him that he can’t.  He might think he’s ready for that, but he’s not.  She goes in for him and somehow, within 2 seconds has the photo and a weird cat thing and she’s smiling!  It was nice to see her soften up and feel comfortable.  They also stopped by the baby store and picked a pack and play up for Judith.  As they are carrying everything back to the car to load up Carl stops and apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, and with the best advice I think I’ve heard on this show Morgan tells him to never be sorry.  This is no longer the time for that.

At the end, while they were loading the car up with all of their stuff, Michonne and Rick have a little talk about how she knows he sees people, and how it’s okay that he does.  He seems to be in a good mood and to have had a change of heart about her after Carl told him that he thinks she’s one of them.  I’ve been waiting for him to realize that! 

Next week we FINALLY have the face off between Rick and The Governor.  I do have a theory that while they are having their meeting, The Governor has assembled his army to go take out the prison while Rick is away.  I can’t wait to see what goes down between the two of them!

Here’s a preview of what to expect from next week’s episode, ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’