Does anyone else think that Michonne is one of the most awesome characters ever written? Seriously, she is a zombie fighting ninja! I loved the message she had left for Merle and the other guys, Go back written in body parts, genius!

I’m still trying to figure out what it is that The Governor is trying to hide and why he won’t let Michonne go. I’m assuming that when he asked Merle for her head it was for his zombie aquarium, but seriously people, what the heck is going on with this guy? I wonder what Andrea would think if she really knew what her new lover man was really like. And was anyone else just a little grossed out by the whole love scene? I laughed out loud when he gave her the “Hell Yeah.”

I knew right away that Rick was hallucinating about the phone call, but for some reason I still got a little creeped out by it. Then, all of a sudden, he seems to be just fine, and clean. Like he just washed away all of his craziness. I am glad that he has finally accepted little Kick Ass and it seems like he’s coming back around to being the Rick we all know and love. I’m sure he’s going to be battling a lot of demons, but I’m hoping he’ll be able to keep it together and still lead everyone.

But really, let’s talk about the real stuff that happened…

I really loved the conversation between Daryl and Carl. I’m so happy with where they’re taking Daryl’s character, he’s always been one of my favorites, but they’re really fleshing his character out. When he was telling Carl the story of his mom dying, and Carl just finally let it out that he had to be the one to shoot Lori. It just proves that he trusts Daryl and looks up to him, almost like a big brother. And it really made you see how vulnerable Daryl is, especially when he’s sitting in front of the cell with Carol’s knife. You know he’s just trying to get the courage to open that door to find her as a zombie. When he finally did it and found her alive I almost cried! With Daryl becoming this compassionate guy who is clearly a big part of the glue that holds the group together, I’m both excited and scared to see what happens when he and Merle are finally in the same room again. Is Daryl gonna have to choose between his brother and the people who have become more of a family to him than his real family ever was?

I have noticed a kind of pattern with this show though, when someone is smiling and it’s sunny outside, and there doesn’t seem to be much to worry about, something terrible is going to happen. It happened when Hershel walked outside a couple episodes ago, everyone was so happy and smiling and there were no cares in the prison courtyard, and then the Walkers came from every direction and destroyed everything. This week, it was Merle that destroyed everything. While Maggie and Glen hit the formula jackpot and were just getting ready to leave the store and head back out to the prison here comes Merle to just ruin it all. And Michonne was watching behind a car just a few feet away from everything, just taking it all in. At first I thought she would save Glen and Maggie, but she just sat there and watched them go. Though obviously she’s going to do something since she showed up at the prison with the basket full of formula!

Next week it looks like Merle is going to torture Glen and Maggie and try to get them to tell him where everyone else is, and Michonne is going to tell Rick all about The Governor and Woodbury. Is Andrea going to find Glen and Maggie? If so, what is she going to do?  Is she gonna find out about Penny?  What is going to happen when we finally get Rick and The Governor in the same room?!  I have so many questions!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait!  A week is just too long for me!