What an episode folks!!!  I can happily say that it looks like Rick’s trip to crazy-ville is coming to an end, though the beginning of this episode wasn’t looking too good for him.  He had gone out to the woods outside the prison searching for Lori, and it looked like he was about to have a total breakdown.  Glen was taking over as leader, which makes total sense, but his head wasn’t really in the best place either.  With what happened to him and Maggie it just seemed like he was too focused on getting back to Woodbury and not focused enough on how to keep the group safe from what would inevitably happen at the prison.  I was glad to see that he was putting some trust into Michonne and it seems like she is slowly becoming part of the group.

Daryl and Merle were off in the woods together when Daryl heard a baby crying.  Of course he goes to run and save whoever is in trouble, and in true Merle form, he tries to talk him out of it but followed him anyway.  Once they were able to get rid of all the Walkers that were attacking the family, Merle starts trying to rob them.  That is when Daryl realized that he really should go back to the group and leave Merle to whatever fate he decides.  After Daryl takes off Merle eventually follows him, but I did notice that when they were talking about going back to the prison Merle actually seemed scared to go because of Glen and Michonne.  We also found out a bit about the Dixon childhood when Merle ripped Daryl’s shirt and we saw the whip marks on his back.  That explains why they are the way they are.

merle and daryl running

Back at Woodbury, it’s obvious that The Governor is planning some retaliation against Rick and the group.  It’s also obvious that he still knows how to play Andrea.  Man, she will just fall for anything won’t she?  When she asked to go visit them and he goes into his, “This town needs you, I… We need you” speech I almost threw up!  She’s so gullible that she truly believes he means it.  All the while he’s planning on destroying her friends and she has no idea.  When she goes looking for him and is asking questions I saw, what I hope was, a glimmer of doubt in her eyes.  I would really like to see her back with everyone.  I’ve always really liked Andrea, but this season she’s just been getting on my nerves.  I want kick ass Andrea back!

Everyone at the prison is trying to reinforce it the best they can.  They’re trying to find out where the breeches are and how to secure everything before the retaliation starts.  Carol and Axel seem to be really hitting it off when they’re putting the metal and pallets up on the bridge together.  Then, while standing in the court yard there’s a shot and BANG, Axel is gone and his blood is all over Carol. Carol having no weapon of any kind, needs to use Axel as a shield until she can figure out how to get out from behind him. 

michonne machine gun Rick is on the outside of the gates, luckily he has a couple guns on him, and everyone else is trying to shoot back.  The Governor has three guys with him, one with him, one in the woods and one in the watch tower and everything starts getting completely out of control.  The group is trying to hold their own, but it just seems like the Woodbury guys have the upper hand in this one, until Maggie finally takes out the guy in the watch tower.  Just when you think it’s about to be over with you hear a truck driving up at full speed (I personally thought it was Glen coming back, but no) and it crashes through the gates and stops right in the middle of the yard where they literally dropped a truck load of Walkers off and then they left.  Rick was trying to fight three of them off at a time and just when I thought they were going to bite him an arrow gets shot through one of their heads!  Yay!!!  Daryl and Merle are back at the prison!!! They get the Walkers cleared out, but now they have to figure out how to get the gates secure again.

There is one thing I have noticed, and I think I might have said this before, but keep your eyes open for any time anyone is in the court yard and happy, because something terrible is about to happen.  I’m pretty sure this was the third time this season there has been an attack when everyone was there.

Check out a preview of next week’s episode, ‘I Ain’t Judas’ below!

Looks like it’ll be another crazy week!  Till then Towelites!