walking dead i aint judas standoff

After the crazy show down with The Governor and his guys from Woodbury it’s safe to say that Rick and the group are on edge, and trying to figure out the best way to keep everyone safe.  I hate to say this, but it really does benefit them that Merle is there.  If anyone knows how The Governor works it’s him, and he is their best defense against them.  He not only knows the ins and outs of Woodbury, he worked with The Governor for so long he might be able to give some insight to the group and catch him off guard.

i aint judas andrea

Andrea feels like she can help keep the peace between Woodbury and the group at the prison and decides to “escape” with help from Milton.  On her way there she makes her very own Walker pet based on the original design by Michonne.  Just after she’s done kicking off his jaw Tyreese and his group come out of the trees and save Milton from an attack.  Milton takes them back to Woodbury while Andrea starts toward the prison.  When she gets there she is not welcomed with open arms, in fact, it seems like everyone (except Carol) is against her.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand why, she could be trying to get information for The Governor or may have even been sent to infiltrate the group and take them out from the inside.  Even so, they could have at least been a little happy to see her.  When she was there she was able to hear their side of the story and see that there The Governor hasn’t been all that honest with her.   Michonne confronted her about what happened between the two of them, and it was nice to see her sensitive side.  It was obvious that her feelings were hurt and that she still hasn’t forgiven her for not leaving with her.  I did find Carol’s plan to not only be effective, but hilarious!  If only Andrea wouldn’t have battled with herself and actually followed through with it.  Really though, we all know that The Governor can’t die like that!  He needs something crazy and elaborate, maybe they can blow him up?

walking dead i aint judas assembly

Speaking of The Governor, he is assembling an army and including the kids in it.  Basically he feels that anyone who can hold a gun will hold a gun.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I understand wanting to make sure that everyone can defend themselves if they need to, but that’s not what his intentions are with this.  Basically he’s just evil and wants to take out Rick.  They have Woodbury on complete lock down, no one can get in or out unless he warrants it.  He’s allowing Tyreese and his group to stay there, but of course it benefits him since they hate Rick.  I’m curious to see how this pans out because from what I understand, Tyreese and Rick are friends in the books, and he seemed like a good guy to me, I was really hoping he would stick around with the good guys.  Hopefully they will see that The Governor is insane and switch sides.

I think that it took guts for Carl to confront Rick in regards to him stepping down from the leadership role and taking a bit of a break.  I honestly think that’s what Rick was trying to do at the end when he went out on a run with Michonne and Carl and left Daryl and Hershel in charge of everyone while he was gone.  I think he does need a break, the stress of trying to keep everyone safe, losing Lori and everyone else is really starting to make him completely lose himself.  He can’t keep everyone safe if he’s not in a good place mentally. 

Check out a little taste of what’s to come next week in the clip from ‘Clear’ below!

 Is it just me, or has this season just been getting better and better every week?!