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This week’s episode starts off with the alpha male showdown of the century!  Rick meets up with The Governor in some warehousey type place where the two of them proceed to stare each other down before they gets to the talking.  Andrea thought that she could help to make peace between the two of them by bringing them together, and Rick had brought some kind of boundary map to divide up the city so that neither got in each other’s way, but Mr. Governor isn’t having any of that.  He’s demanding that our loving group surrender, which is preposterous!  Like Rick would ever surrender!   Through the whole “conversation” it looks like The Governor is just constantly trying to find something to get Rick to agree with his terms, while Rick just sits and stares at him.  The surrender thing didn’t work, so he tries the whole, “I got whisky!” trick, maybe to try to get Rick drunk so he can agree to whatever The Governor wants, but that didn’t work either, so he moves on to the whole, “I lost my wife”  tactic, but that didn’t work either.  The next step was the “I want Michonne and everyone will be safe” trick… Not quite sure if that one worked or not.  To be honest, I don’t think that Rick will give her over to him, he knows that even if he does he’ll still go after everyone else.  No one is safe from this psycho!

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While they were inside having their pow wow, Daryl and Hershel were outside with Milton, Martinez and Andrea.  Everyone actually seemed to be getting along oddly enough.  Daryl and Martinez bonded over their Walker killing abilities, shared a smoke, talked about life.  Hershel and Milton discussed science.  The best part though, to me, was when Hershel went to talk to Andrea and she finally found out what happened between The Governor and Maggie, and FINALLY sees what kind of person he really is.  She is now back on the right side of the game, even though she has to go back to Woodbury for the time being.  I have to say, I’m really glad to see that Andrea is back to thinking straight and is not putting the blinders on anymore when it comes to The Governor. 

Back at the prison Glen is in full charge, everyone is loading up the arsenal and getting everything ready for the attack that they know has got to be coming.  Merle is being Merle, he keeps trying to convince Glen and Michonne to get some guns and just go kill The Governor, but Glen quickly puts him in his place and lets it be known that he is there to make sure the group is safe.  Going after him right now would most likely get everyone killed. 

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Glen and Maggie fully make up while keeping watch.  He apologizes, she apologizes, and then they sneak off to the garage to really make up!

I really enjoyed this episode.  It was definitely the calm before the storm.  From what I’ve seen in the scenes from the next all hell is about to break loose!  Andrea is going to try to talk Milton, Martinez and Tyreese into fighting to bring The Governor down.  With only 3 episodes left I’m sure they will not disappoint us, they haven’t yet!


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