Wow!  Just… Wow!!!  That was by far the most intense episode of the season.  We have finally seen how demented and insane The Governor truly is, and Andrea is out for blood!  She had the perfect shot while she and Milton were in the loft of the torture chamber, I really wish he wouldn’t have pulled the gun away from her.   Speaking of Milton, he is really stepping up to try to stop The Governor from completely obliterating our dear friends in the prison.  I was so happy that he told Andrea what was about to go down, I just wish she would have been able to warn them.  I’m also hoping that Tyreese and Sasha can see what’s going on before it’s too late for them.  It seems like they’re starting to realize it though.  I can’t say the same about their “friends”, but who really cares about them anyways? 


Once Andrea got off the grounds of Woodbury the rest of the episode was spent on the edge of my seat. She’s literally running for her life, and her friend’s lives.  When The Governor caught up with her at the abandoned building I didn’t know what was going to happen.  That whole scene was so scary.  I could see the fear in her eyes, and the absolute thrill of the hunt in his.  And can anyone tell me what is up with the whistle?  So creepy!!! 


After what seems like hours of them playing cat and mouse, Andrea finally finds an escape and lets an army of Walkers loose on The Governor and escapes the building.  Even though I knew he wouldn’t go down like that, I was really hoping he would.  Completely exhausted Andrea finally makes it to the prison, she can see Rick up on one of the watch towers and The Governor sneaks up from behind her and pulls her down!  Did anyone see that coming?  I honestly thought she was home safe!  Now he’s snuck her back into Woodbury and she’s sitting in the torture chamber just waiting for him.  And you know that this isn’t something that will go quickly, he’s going to have his fun with it. 

While all of this was going on, Martinez had his crew, along with Tyreese and his guys, down to the fighting pits to get some walkers for the big show down with Rick and the gang.  Tyreese is not at all okay with even the idea of using Walkers as weapons, even if he isn’t too fond of Rick.  Luckily, Milton, or I believe it was Milton, decided to completely burn all the walkers so that they couldn’t be used.  What do you think The Governor is going to do to him?  He knows that he did it, and that he told Andrea about his plan.  Do you think he’ll be joining her in the torture chamber, or does The Governor have something else equally sinister up his sleeve for him?

andrea rape chair

With only two episodes left this season I’m sure there will be a lot of surprises and action coming.  I can’t wait to see how this all pans out? Will someone be able to actually kill The Governor?  If so, who will it be and how?  Will someone save Andrea before it’s too late?!  A week is way too long to find out!


Check out the trailer for next weeks episode!